Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bonnie Brae

I so do miss the farm! I had 150 brothers of all colors and religions. We all stuck together and helped each other without even knowing it. The brotherhood was strong even though we may have fought among ourselves we always stuck together. If you messed with one you messed with all of us. I am an only child so that bond stayed with me all of my life. I ended up in Florida. Last time I visited the farm i was heart broken. A lot of the farm is gone or crumbling from neglect. I was in every cottage except Kiwanis. I started in Osborne.
If any who read this remember me, Danny Collins 1961-1967, my email is: scorpion1118@gmail.com Send me a line and i will try to answer all. I am still in touch with:
John Hendershot (coach)
John Cambell (asst coach)
Joey & Carman Gugliardo
Bob West

That's off the top of my head. Hope to hear from more.

Dan Collins

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