Wednesday, January 14, 2009

BB Drumers on CBS News

On Wednesday, January 14, 2009, the Bonnie Brae Knights, a newly formed drum line made it to CBS TV News with Katie Couric. The byline stated, "The Bonnie Brae Knights are a marching band from N.J. composed of boys with troubled backgrounds. But, as Steve Hartman reports, this band will perform at this year's presidential inauguration." A picture of the CBS News opening scene is on the right.

The report included comment about BB Director Bill Powers who had so much faith in his boys that he sent in an application for the BB Knights to march in Barack Obama's Inaugural Parade. See the picture on the left.

Interestingly, the Application, contained a few, well shall we say, "Director prerogative" enhancements, as seen in this image on the right.

You can watch the two and a half minute video here, and you can read the text of the report here.
Daughter Christina said, "Great Video! What a great experience for these kids, and a boost for the school resume! That was gutsy of Bill to apply, and I am very glad that these boys made it and will be a part of history."

Go Bonnie Brae!!!


George Singletary said...

Dear George Seymour,

My brother Bill just called me to
express how much Bonnie Brae Farm
For Boys has meant to him and how
touched he was by the BB Drumers,
we refelected on the Washington
trips in January that ten boys would go with Mr. Fred Persico and
enjoy the privilage of being able
to go to Washington D.C, what a
special time for the 12 boys of
the drum band. The CBS evening news, Mr. William Powers and the
boys made a wonderful statement
about Bonnie Brae, that my brother
Bill, John as well as myself have
carried with us through out our
lives. Thank you Bonnie Brae.
George Singletary

George Singletary said...

Great Show Mr.Powers, Mr. Fred Persico would be so proud of what
you do. My brother Bill said to me
tonight that your way and manor brings to mind how Mr. Fred Persico
believed in us Bonnie Brae Boys when we were there in 1962 to 1966,
and beyond because we had another
brother John, yes, we were three
brothers at Bonnie Brae. We can not
express our thanks enough. Bonnie
Brae Farm For Boys set the stantard
for the way we are so proud to live. You, Mr. Powers put belief in
all those boys, thank you.
George Singletary 1962-1966

George Singletary said...

Dear Mr. Powers,
My brother Bill, was all choked up
tonight about Bonnie Brae and knowing that you are a believer
in all those boys. I will make it
a point to see the boys perform
tomorrow, Thursday afternoon, January 15, 2009, my brother Bill
asked me to make sure that I would be present on such a special occasion.
We are so proud of Bonnie Brae.

John,William,and George Singletary