Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Entering History

For the first time in its 91 years, Bonnie Brae entered National history by marching in the 2009 Presidential Inaugural parade as seen on several National television stations, including CNN and C-Span. But before they left NJ, the Knights got haircuts as described by Linda Sadlouskos here.

Later, Linda, a staff writer for the "My Central Jersey" newspaper describes the bus scene as it arrived in DC, and you can read about it here. "They were totally in awe," the school's special events coordinator Cathy Phillips said at about 9 a.m., shortly after the bus's arrival. "They were looking out the windows at the landmark's -- I don't think any of them had ever been here before," Phillips said of the Knights band, traveling with their advisers and chaperons for a very long one day trip."

During the parade the Knights played on Pearl drums as seen in this photo from the Pearl website.

National Public Radio covered and summarized the day here, and provided two sets of pictures. This first one, here covers the swearing in ceremony, whereas the second set of 32 pictures covers the parade here

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