Friday, January 16, 2009

Dress Rehersal

Going to Washington, D.C., is no minor event; few people manage to accomplish that. Going to Washington during a Presidential Inaugural is rarer still. However, going to our National Capital to participate in the Presidential Inaugural Parade is an event of a lifetime. Six days prior to the Parade, the Bonnie Brae Knights came together in a public dress rehearsal (see photo on the left) and received some obvious enthusiastic community support. Moreover, the 16-member band received a framed resolution from Bernards Township Mayor Carolyn Kelly, and "William Powers, the school’s executive director, told the crowd that fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger also called and donated knit caps, winter jackets and travel bags, “so the boys are going in style.”" View more pictures and read that report here.

In this photo on the right, the Knights enter to some enthusiastic applause and cheering. Click on any image for a larger view.

And here they are (below) in full dress regalia, preparing for the experience of a lifetime.

The photos courtesy of Alumnus John Grodzki.

This just in; one more video from the New Jersey Star Ledger which ran a brief video about the Knights on Friday, January 16th.

The brief video is the second of two features that can be seen here.
The photo on the right is from the Star Ledger video, and here is a lengthy report by Christina Johnson in the Real Time News.

Go Bonnie Brae !!!

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